The regulatory framework for capital markets & securities is a complex one and requires an in-depth understanding not only of the rules themselves but also of how the market works. Further, considering that new types of financial instruments are constantly being created, it is also important that capital markets & securities lawyers be innovative and capable of thinking outside the box, to be able to address such financial instruments even in the absence of express regulation..

Lawyers from Lex Adria member firms are constantly working on their personal development as well as on the joint improvement of capital markets & securities regional practice group by intensively exchanging their knowledge and international experience. Although, in many cases, transactions concerning capital markets & securities are complex, our lawyers will help you address them in a simple and efficient manner.

An area where Lex Adria’s Capital Markets & Securities team has been particularly active is cryptocurrencies. How are these instruments regulated under the local laws in the Adriatic region? To what extent the local laws allow trade in cryptocurrencies? Which jurisdiction in the Adriatic region is most friendly towards such trade? Our team can help you by answering these kinds of questions in a business-friendly way, always bearing in mind the mission to support the client’s business.


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Mr Hrvoje Vidan

Vidan Law Office


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Co-Head of Real Estate, PPPs & Infrastructure Regional Practice Group at Lex Adria

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Preradovićeva 10, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia



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