Due to increased pressures of globalization, to maintain their competitiveness, companies are inclined to expand their businesses beyond national borders. For any company currently operating or entering the Adriatic region market is crucial to have a team of legal experts helping it to shape its business goals and operations in accordance with the legal framework throughout the Adriatic region.

Lex Adria member firms together have the expertise and capacity to deal with any type of transaction, regardless of its complexity, ranging from plain vanilla transactions to those extremely complex, involving simultaneous assistance in several jurisdictions. What is more, some of the Lex Adria jurisdictions are already in the EU, while the others are still in the process of joining the bloc, which is a great challenge for uniform legal support across the region. We are up for that challenge.

Providing advice on all types of commercial agreements and regulatory aspects of the company’s business, Lex Adria member firms will help clients to efficiently and smoothly manage their business activities and to effectuate their projects throughout the Adriatic region, ensuring that their activities are at all times compliant with the relevant legislation.


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Ms Barbara Ulcar

Ulčar & Partners


Work Highlight
Co-Head of Dispute Resolution Regional Practice Group at Lex Adria
Business Address
Office Building Rotonda (entrance A) – 3rd floor, Dunajska cesta 167, 1000 Ljubljana
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Ms Aleksandra Stojanovic

Doklestic Repic & Gajin

Managing Associate

Work Highlight

Co-Head of IP, IT and TMT Regional Practice Group at Lex Adria

Business Address

Petra Kocica 4, 11000 Belgrade – Vracar, Serbia



+ 381 65 2564 644

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