The alliance’s structure and organization of work ensure that the client receives an efficient and premium legal advice from a single point of contact, regardless of the number of jurisdictions involved. In that way our clients benefit not only from an efficient organization of work through one main point of contact (project manager), but also from uniform legal service, integrated teams, and combined regional cross-border expertise and know-how of all Lex Adria members.

Lex Adria currently covers eight jurisdictions: Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Albania. In each country Lex Adria is represented by a full-service law firm widely regarded and recognized as a leading business law firm in that jurisdiction. Each member firm has vast experience and expertise on advising sophisticated international clients (including leading international law firms) on complex high-value projects across various areas of law.

One team for the Adriatic

Lex Adria provides premium and seamless legal support across the entire Adriatic region. On cross-border regional mandates, all member firms work closely together as one team to deliver required legal support in a uniform manner.


Quality Assurance

Each member firm of the alliance was carefully selected and vetted to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards, common culture of timely responsiveness, and client satisfaction.

Single point of contact

The alliance’s structure and organization of work ensure that the client receives an efficient and uniform legal advice from a single point of contact, regardless of the number of jurisdictions involved.

Regional reach, with local touch

Lex Adria was established to respond to the increasing regional needs of international clients. Yet, we are aware that each jurisdiction we cover has its own specificities. For that reason, we offer regional coverage combined with excellent understanding of local markets, which ensures sound and pragmatic legal advice to our clients.


Leading law firms

All member firms of Lex Adria have been constantly recognized and ranked as leading law firms in their respective jurisdictions by leading international legal directories.


Top-ranked practitioners

Not only Lex Adria member firms enjoy impeccable market reputation; our lawyers are also individually recognized as leading practitioners in their jurisdictions. After all, law is a people business.

Integrated teams

Our integrated teams are tailor-made for each cross-border project. Team members from different jurisdictions work closely together to deliver uniform legal advice. In that way the clients benefit not only from a uniform final product, but also from a synergy resulting from combined regional expertise and experience of the team members.

Uniform legal service

We know that getting a non-standardized legal advice from several jurisdictions can be frustrating. That is why we provide a uniform legal advice on each cross-border matter, which allows our clients to focus on essence instead of trying to reconcile different reports in order to be able to understand the key issues.


Combined regional expertise

Lex Adria as an alliance of leading law firms in the region is not a simple mathematics. Combination of regional expertise and experience of Lex Adria members creates a genuine synergy for our clients, who benefit from the increased efficiency and quality of our work.


Client-centric approach

We understand that our business is about the clients and we always get the job done within the agreed deadlines and budget. Client satisfaction is very important to us. We are here to stay.


International orientation

All member firms of Lex Adria share the common culture of international orientation, including abundant experience in advising and representing international clients regarding their legal issues in our region. This allows us to understand the needs and expectations of international clients and to successfully meet them.

Integrity & Accountability

We never compromise our integrity, and we always stay independent in our opinion. Also, Lex Adria has implemented a number of state-of-the-art policies and procedures demonstrating a common compliance culture of its members, including the Data Protection Policy, the Anti-Corruption Policy, the KYC Procedure and the AML Procedure.